6 Legal Terms That You Should Know About Family Law

Are you planning to ask your spouse for a divorce? Are you dealing with a divorce complaint in which your significant other filed against you? Regardless of whether you’re the defendant or the plaintiff in a divorce proceeding, you must be aware of what you’re going to go through. What you’ll be entering can be foreign or unfamiliar to you. That’s why, as you navigate through what can be a stressful and emotional turmoil of events, you need to be fully informed. That’s why we present eight basic legal terms that you should know regarding #1 family law in Darwin.

#1 Family Law in DarwinAlimony is a type of payment for financial Support that’s made from one spouse to the other after a divorce case has been finalized. In Darwin, the number of alimony agreements are negotiated during the divorce process and is calculated based on multiple factors. It ranges from the length of marriage to the relative earning capacity of both parties.

Custody is the legal arrangement involving the raising of children from the marriage. There are two types of child custody: physical custody and legal custody. Physical custody relates to where a child will live, while legal custody refers to obtaining the power to make decisions on behalf of the child; particularly on how he or she should be raised.

Discovery – under civil and family law, a pre-trial procedure by which parties request to share information with the opposing party is called a discovery. It’s part of the #1 family law in Darwin that you should be aware of.

Equitable Distribution – in most Australian states, “equitable distribution” refers to the guidelines in which to divide marital assets and debt. However; equitable means “fair,” and not necessarily “equal.” Keep that in mind.

Date of Separation – this information is an extremely crucial factor in family law. The date of separation is the exact date on which both parties officially became separate under legal jurisdiction. The date of separation will affect everything; from the duration of alimony awards to the division of financial assets.

Spousal Support – commonly mistaken to be the same with alimony; however, they have different factors. Spousal Support refers to the payment of financial Support made from one spouse to the other after they separate. The same description as alimony but the difference is that the payment is made before a divorce is finalized. Darwin divorce law specifies these guidelines in which the court must comply in calculating the amount of Support and other obligations.

These are the six legal terms that you should be aware of when it comes to #1 Family Law in Darwin. For more information about family law in your area, visit our website now. You can also get a direct response from one of our dedicated family lawyers when you call our hotline.