The Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Blinds

Your window curtains are getting old and out-of-trend. It’s too soft and can get worn out in a matter of years. You also need to constantly wash it to remove the dust that can easily get through the curtain fabric. If you’re tired of your window curtains, you should consider making the switch to window blinds from Betta Blinds Adelaide. It’s a less expensive alternative to traditional curtains which doesn’t include all the hassle the curtains provide. If you’re in doubt, we’ve gathered the top five benefits of switching to window blinds.



You might think that window blinds cost more than curtains, but it’s actually not true. In fact, their price is slightly equal. While blinds do cost a tad bit more, the added cost is too minor for you even to notice. In fact, custom-made faux wood blinds are commonly cheaper and longer lasting than custom-made drapes. You can click here for a full price comparison of the two.


A Variety of Styles

Betta Blinds Adelaide window blinds come in many different styles. Blinds are also available in different colours, shades, textures, tints, and fabrics to match almost any type of decorating taste. You can even mix and match to create a unique style and theme for your home. Click here to view our personal gallery on different window blind designs and styles.


Privacy and Lighting Control

One of the main highlights of window blinds is that they can offer a range of privacy and lighting control. You can either open or close your blind depending on what you want. If you want some privacy, you can close it to prevent people from spying on your home. If you want some lighting, you can slightly open the blinds to allow natural light to enter your home.


Prevent UV Rays

Unlike curtains, window blinds have the ability to block UV rays from entering your home. Blinds can block damaging ultraviolet rays from entering your home and causing damages to your skin and your furniture. Blinds make sure the inside of your home is well protected from any harmful elements from the outside.


Energy Efficient Window Covers

Blinds are energy efficient covers for your windows. It can create an extra layer of insulation, reducing any unwanted heat during the summer. It can also retain heat during the winter season. This feature helps save on energy costs and reduces carbon emissions.


Betta blinds Adelaide window blinds are one of the best window covers that you can get for your home. So if you’re tired with your old and worn-out curtains, don’t hesitate to make the switch to window blinds now! Click here to make your order.